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If you're an earth and nature lover, then Pretty Seeds is the place to visit. At our store, located in Dallas, we make jewelry designed by nature. Our hands are just an instrument to create unique pieces. You will find a whole range of items that will ...

Seeds and Materials

In nature, seeds are the beginning of life, the beginning of a cycle. Pretty Seeds is inspired by Nature. We love our planet Earth and are fascinated with the beauty and diversity of nature. All our jewelry is hand-crafted to highlight the raw seeds, ...

Our Jewelry

Highlighted Products5555

Highlighted Products


Red pepper, is used to cleanse impurities and to chase …
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Side Heart Set Size 1.5"

The red and black seeds are said to bring good fortune and …
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Golden Rain Flower Side Heart

Trees symbolize some of our noblest thoughts, and, to …
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Cinnamon Cross - Adjustable Necklace - Brown

Cinnamon is used as incense, to cause high spiritual …
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Huayruro Bean Cross - Adjustable Necklace - Red and Black

The Huayruro plant is native to Peru, and has been an …
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The Huayruro plant is native to Peru and has been an …
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