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Designed by nature

In Mexico, as in other countries where there are indigenous groups with a long agricultural tradition and use of the natural resources of their environment, they have a great knowledge of the plants and animals of their territories, how to use them and how to conserve them.

Ethnobotanical study in Mexico indicates that in Chihuahua the "Tarahumara" recognize, name and use 398 species of the 1000 species registered for the area. In the case of Sonora, the "Seri" know 516 of a total of 2,703; in Veracruz the "Nahuas" the numbers go up 1,597 of 8,500; in Michoacán the "Purépechas" their knowledge covers almost half, 230 of 500 species; in Yucatan the "Mayas" know and use 909 of the 1,936 species of the region and the "Tzeltales" of Chiapas use 1,040 of the 10,000 that have been registered there.

Pretty Seeds began as a family adventure to bring education to the public what nature has to offer. The project began in Mexico and since has grown into the United States. In nature, seeds are the beginning of life, the beginning of a cycle. When harvested, they serve not only for our nutrition, but also beauty. We treasure life and nature's wonderful beauty, and we think the best way to appreciate that is the display of the raw seeds, spices, and flowers in our handcrafted jewelry. Our work is Since this project started in Mexico and thanks to the familiar knowledge and the patience to teach us is that our passion, a craft full of creativity and simplicity. Each piece is unique, because as in nature, nothing is identical. For that reason, you have a unique jewel in your hands! 

Jewels designed by nature

Jewel designed by nature, our hands are just an instrument to create unique pieces