Welcome To Pretty Seeds


Designed by nature

In nature, seeds are the beginning of life, the beginning of a cycle. When harvested, they serve as nutrition for both the body and soul.

Mexico’s history has always been one connected to the land. Pretty Seeds began as a family venture to bring the beauty and diversity of Mexico’s natural wonder to the world.

All of our jewelry is hand-crafted to highlight the raw seeds, spices and flowers featured at the center of each of our pieces. Over time, we have perfected a process to keep the integrity and simplicity of the source material, all while highlighting the complex details nature has to offer.  

Each piece is unique, because as in nature, nothing is identical. Everything we make is crafted by loving hands and conscious minds.

We hope you love your jewelry as much as we love making it.

Jewels designed by nature

Jewel designed by nature, our hands are just an instrument to create unique pieces